Make Money from your Apps, Games, Downloads, Upgrades, Music, Websites, and other Premium Content!

Are you earning enough from your traffic? AdWork Media's monetization tools are completely customizable so they can be seamlessly integrated with your apps, games, sites, & other content. Manage theme & design settings, behavior settings, and other advanced options!

Features Overview

Fast & Easy Integration! Support 7 days per week! Easy Payment Methods! Optimized Targeting! Mobile Friendly! Target Any Country! Advanced Tracking Platform!
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What Can I Monetize?

Apps & Mobile Traffic! Downloads & Links! Premium Content, Services, & Games! Upgrades & Features! Blogs, Articles, & Guides! Redirect & RON Traffic! Parked Domains!
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Automated Monetization Tools

Easy Monetization Tools for your Traffic!

AdWork Media provides a full suite of monetization tools for your traffic! Our flexible money making tools such as our Content Lockers, Product Lockers, Offer Walls, & Global Traffic Monetizer platform allow you to monetize every aspect of your site while improving the user's experience. AdWork Media's suite of money making tools also automatically target the best ads for your users to maximize your earnings in every country! Our money making tools can be deployed on any site in just a few minutes and our support team is always available 7 days per week to assist with integration.

Do you have mobile traffic? AdWork Media's Mobile Affiliate Network features high-converting mobile optimized campaigns for over 200 countries. All of our monetization tools are 100% mobile optimized to provide the best earnings for your traffic on any device including OS targeted ads for iPads, iPhones, Android, and other devices.

Maximize your app's revenue with our mobile monetization tools! Our flexible ad types can monetize different aspects of your app such as the original download. Instead of charging the user a set price per download, which they are less likely to purchase, your users can participate in an offer through our ad widgets to access your app's download link. You can also offer your users in-app content such as premium upgrades, credits/points, extra features, etc by requiring the user to complete an offer through our mobile locker tools such as our Content Lockers and Product Lockers or our Offer Walls platform. Expand your app's reach, improve the user experience, and earn more money from your apps with AdWork Media!

Does your site have images, videos, diagrams, infographics, articles, or other media? AdWork Media can monetize all forms of your content! Our innovative Content Locker widgets can be easily integrated by pasting a small snippet of JavaScript code. Once the code is in place your traffic will be automatically monetized with little effort on your part! Your users will benefit from accessing great content and you can maximize revenue from your users!

Do you have a Blog? Are you currently using another ad network? Let AdWork Media increase your current monthly earnings! Our Content Lockers can easily integrate with your Blog to protect premium articles, guides, & tutorials or even every page of your Blog by greeting the user with a widget that requests them to complete a quick offer to access the content! AdWork Media's WordPress Plugin makes it easy to integrate our locker tools with your WordPress Blog.

Monetize your Parked Domains with our Global Traffic Monetizer tool. Redirect your domain traffic or set the DNS CNAME to a unique short link domain that can be generated from your account. Our system will handle everything else and automatically monetize your incoming traffic on any device for any country. Earn more from your parked domain traffic!

AdWork Media is committed to maximizing earnings in every country. We currently support traffic in over 250 countries giving us coverage that most ad networks cannot match. All of AdWork Media's monetization tools automatically target offers based on the user's location to provide high-converting, relevant ads in the user's native language.


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